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Hot tub cleaning based in Marin County Ca.

My Story

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I was working at a hot tub dealer as a sales assistant, meanwhile i was learning and teaching myself as much as i could about the fundamentals of spa ownership. I learned about water chemistry and the components that made up a hot tub. Above all it was serving customers and interacting with them that really brought me joy. I took a chance one day and decided i would clean a local resident's hot tub, i was unsure how the end result would turn out but after several hours i had completed the job and left with a satisfied client. On my drive back home and overtime i realized that their was a demand for this service. Slowly but surely i began to feel more comfortable i could take on more jobs and in more settings. At this stage i was still starting out and commuting to clients homes in Marin County including towns like Stinson Beach. Fast forward to almost a year later i finally decided to purchase my very first truck. This was a stepping stone for me, and at this stage i wanted to take it a step further and created my business cards, website, company t shirts.. It wasn't long before i started to get my first email and phone call online. In the summer of 2023 i created Marin Spa Cleaning. - Charles

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